Jump starters?

Just recently interested in purchasing a portable jump starter as I found a weak battery the other night on our 2011 Honda CR-V. Went into garage to head to pick up wife’s birthday cake and the car wouldn’t turn over. Found out too late that I had mistakenly left the overhead light on in the vehicle for a few hours.

Jumped onto Amazon since I hadn’t even looked into such a product until now. First one that stood out was the Clore JNC300XL, but didn’t want such a large device thumping around the trunk of my vehicle. Then I saw a suggested item made by Anker in a small form factor with a 400A peak, which is fine for the 2.4L CR-V engine. However, we also have a Honda Odyssey with a 3.5L engine, so likely better off with the PowerCore 600 jump starter? Only hesitation is that the larger jump starter has a much larger percentage of 1 star reviews. Any personal usage here???


That’s a pain. I’ve mistakenly left lights on, on my car last winter (twice!) and both times killed the battery agh! Nothing worse but thankfully after swapping to a 2015 vehicle the lights don’t run when the ignition isn’t active haha.

They may look to do a larger one in the future but not many people have a 3.5L engine, most people here rarely have anything over 2.0L - most commonly 1.0 / 1.2 / 1.4 / 1.6 due to their economical capabilities but it’s a suggestion nevertheless!

The Anker jumpstarters looks really nice, my friend has one and he has nothing bad to say about it - I don’t know which model he has though.

Also, with the overhead light being left on… change those internal lights to LEDs! They are cheap to buy, and they also don’t use nearly as much power. I have a Mustang GT and changed my map/overhead lights, and I have left them on overnight many times with no issues starting the car the next morning.

Thanks for the replies! Likely will be buying a new vehicle in the near future anyway due to the multitude of tech advances over the past 6 years alone, but definitely will check out the interior LED replacement bulbs. Not sure why I never even considered that since we totally replaced all of our home’s bulbs with LEDs.