Judgemental language

The Eufy Smart Scale app describes weight as either Low, Normal, High or Excessive.

Excessive is quite a judgemental term, and not particularly helpful to someone trying to loose a few pounds. Can I suggest replacing the term with something less judgemental and sole destroying.


I can see what you’re saying, but what would you suggest it be replaced with?

Low | Normal | Above Average | High

  • | 0 | + | ++
    Low | Normal | Quite High | High
    Low | Normal | A bit High | High

The devil is in the details, great suggestion.

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Remember when McDonald’s had “Super Size”?

It may be seen that way but my last physical said excessive on it. Using terms like this may be words they pulled from official ratings.

When I see these terms I would take it more seriously than seeing wording like Above Average or High.

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I’m guessing NORMAL is when you’re within the weight recommend for.your your height.

High/Low is being slightly over/under your recommended weight

EXCESSIVE can mean your FAT, or well over the recommendation. However, tell a power lifter or some of these

According to my BMI I’m morbidly obese. Morbidly, nope! Obese, yes :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I’m beyond morbidly obese according to the stupid BMI scale that hasn’t been updated since it was introduced. And yes a body builder who can have 2% body fat can be considered morbidly obese based on his weight even though they are perfectly healthy.

Me on the other hand, I’m fat but at the same time I’m solid…

This day an age people are way to sensitive to things like this, imo the wording is perfectly fine


A few options would be best. Personally I don’t have a problem with the current phrasing but some might.

Perhaps remove the “excessive” label, and just make it part of “high”.

how about, Under/normal/over/out of control

How about… Skinny, ok, podgy, fat, big fat fker!

I’m not sure fat, honest! I am genuinely big boned, so much so, that people can never believe me when I say.my weight and my clothing sizes. People think I’m an XL, and about 15st, where as I’m XXXL AND 19 STONES :joy:

Due to not being able to exercise I can’t slim down n trim, but I have lost 40 odd LB since last may (2017) strangely due to diabetes! lol I used to be a contractor and did lots of heavy lifting (I could easily carry a 14ft RSJ by myself). I’d work 12-14 hrs a day labouring, until I badly damaged my back (a static mobile home (trailer if American) fell on my back while working underneath it, as the jack supporting.it slipped).

At the time, I was 15st n looked slim.

I got no probs being called fat/obese, cos I am.

How many people will feel uncomfortable for the ‘excessive’ word?

The reason. They feel uncomfortable is because it’s TRUE! lol

Just get over your fat arse, and accept it, now do something about it if you’re that bothered by the truth.

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Is it really proper for a consumer electronics device to dispense health assessments?

The scale should confine itself to data, not analysis. Collect the data, show a trend line for all collected data points, pass the data to a health data collector program. Concepts like BMI have many nuances to use correctly, if at all.

Leave the analysis to professionals who’s assessments are solicited.

The language isn’t helpful, but I’m not touchy about it. I think the greater problem is performing the assessment at all.