Join the survey to win a free Soundbar!

Hey Fans!

We’re working on a new soundbar and would like to hear from you. Survey participants will have a chance to test, review, then keep the new soundbar for free; so watch this space for more information!

Which design do you prefer?

  • Option A: Cuboid with square corners
  • Option B: Rounded ends
  • Option C: Tapered elliptical ends
  • Option D: Prism with rounded corners and edges
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Which features would you prefer most, select 3 from below?

  • Subwoofer built-in
  • Bass/Stereo/Surround adjustment
  • DTS decoding support
  • Dolby Digital decoding support
  • Built-In Smart TV functionality
  • Support HDMI/Optical/Bluetooth/AUX Connect
  • Easy setup
  • 100W audio output
  • Voice control
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If a soundbar was released with those features, how suitable would a $199 price tag be?

  • Great, I’ll take one!
  • Hmm, I’ll consider it.
  • A little too expensive for me.
  • I don’t even need a soundbar.
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I think the design is very important, beside the “ingredients”.

As the soundbar will not be carried around a lot, it must be a stylish component of the flat.

Beside the technical features I like good design.
So the FLARE and the ZERO are my soundcore favourites.


Option A is the most robust, in my opinion. Subwoofer built-in is a must for me, I hate having to install a separate one.

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Like option D, sound likes to go in multiple direction versus straigjt ahead, so a little assistance to spread the signal goes a long way. Its also unique and would stand out more.

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I prefer option C, I have a Polk Audio sound bar with Alexa built in and I have grown so use to using it that now voice control is a must for future soundbars. So adding voice control, HDMI, and built in subwoofer and you have nailed it out of the park… Well if you include Dolby Atmos and dts then you have a straight winner

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Option C was the most aesthetically pleasing to me. It would be really nice to see a wired or wireless subwoofer option.

The other features that are top priority for me are adjustable audio and HDMI ARC compatibility


I would definitely like a soundbar with the subwoofer built-in. It seem like most soundbars have a wireless subwoofer, which is yet another thing I need to find a power outlet for and it interferes with my WiFi! :tired_face:

I just got a new smart tv and i would love to test out one of these sound bars

Definitely option C for me as well. It looks very slick and I love the rounded edges of it.

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I was torn between designs C and D. I slightly prefer the visual look of C over D but the fact that D would direct the sound better it won my vote.

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Very interesting to see you buddies beside of a huge technical knowledge you have a good taste as well. :wink:
Claro : C!


I went for option D, but for me the best option would be an elongated version of B (depth wise) so you could sit a tv on top of it.
All to often you cannot place a sound bar in front of your tv cause it covers the sensors. So you put it on the shelf below… In that case the slightly upward pointing speakers of D are preferable.

I do not really see the point in a sound bar that is not over 100w and has optical and/or HDMI ports. If you want a standard speaker for your phone there are loads of other choices. Sound bars are for tvs.

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I liked D, though my current 5.1 system and my current 2.1 system both have something more similar to A.

Voice control would be nice, but not a must-have for me. It would also likely drive up the price, and if it’s not the voice assistant a specific person already built their smart home around, an additional expense with no benefit.

The height of these soundbars wasn’t mentioned, but if they’re taller, they should also come with an infrared relay so the TV remote still works if the soundbar is laid in front of the TV.

Nice to see Anker/Infini really jumping into the soundbar game hard!

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D definitely looks the best but not being an audio person as such I’m not which gives the best sound /listening experience. Defo need to include Dolby or Atmos a subwoofer and voice control would be nice (just to save having another remote of the sofa)


Option D no good for me - I have my soundbar on the fire surround and the TV just above it. Soundbar is almost 4ft off the ground, so pointing up like that would waste a lot of sound. Great if your soundbar is low to the ground though.

Option C for me looks good.

Would love to test one though, my current Samsung one with a wireless sub is not the best, even though it was fairly expensive… Would love to do a comparison


I’d go with option D
I don’t want to hide the soundbar behind or below TV. I want it to highlight itself.

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Was torn between option B and C but C won out :slight_smile: HDMI / Optical / BT & Aux with built in subwoofer would make it quite the package :open_mouth:


For small soundbars subwoofers are not necessary but for medium-to-large sized sound bars they are inconvenience but necessary imho

I like option A, seems to be the most versatile.

The things important to me are:

  • Sound quality: (ideally 2.1 with integrated sub). I don’t need super low bass, but something on the low end without needing a separate sub.
  • Decoding: DD/DD+/TrueHD/DTS(HD) - Atmos is nice, but not sure a soundbar is the best way to get it.
  • Inputs/Outputs: minimally optical and HDMI with ARC. HDMI out with passthrough for 4k/HDR/Dolby Vision would be nice.
  • Connectivity: I don’t care about bluetooth. I have about 50 BT speakers. I want Wifi with chromecasting abilities. A mic with full Google assistant/Alexa support would also be a nice feature.

Give me all (or most) of that and I’d pay $200.