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We know that household chores can cause issues between roommates, family, and even significant others. So we’d like to know more about our consumers’ habits when it comes to chores.

We’d appreciate it if you can complete this survey to help us with some insight into how households deal with chores. And, when you complete this survey, you’ll have a chance to win 1 of 3 Smart Scales. Once we get more than 150 responses, we will randomly choose three prize winners!

We’re very interested and looking forward to hearing your thoughts!

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completed and i take care of outside and she takes care of inside but we help each other as well

Done, and we all take turns otherwise we’d be fighting

Done. Interested to see what eufy will come out with after looking at the responses :wink:


Completed Survey. It is very unbalanced at my house but we make it happen!

If they come out with some tiny device that washes dishes I will cry

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Tears of joy I hope

Oh yes only tears of joy because I need something thst does the dishes since my roommates do not

Well that was easy. And we should all do our fair share around the house.

Don’t mind doing the chores just hate being told when to do it. Tell me it needs to be done and I’ll pick a time and do it when I want.

I would never say that to my wife though :joy:

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I feel your pain, I have lived with some particularly messy people. I have even gone so far as to box up all the plates and cups then buy a large stack of paper plates.:smiling_imp:

I get that and tried that once but they went through a stack of 60 paper plates in a week and then didn’t take out the trash so either way I screwed over but the paper plate plan cost me money for plates and trash bags

Inconsiderate people annoy the f*ck out of me. Do they think the dishes magically wash themselves and then put themselves away? It’s extremely disrespectful as well it’s like telling somebody their time is not as valuable as yours.

Don’t get me wrong I’m not a dish Nazi I have been known to let the dishes sit in the sink and soak overnight on occasion but never for more than a day especially when other people need to use the sink counter and clean dishes…

Unfortunately I think the paper plate option is your only way to keep the peace. That doesn’t mean that you have to buy them or use them. Box up all the plates & cups, I’m assuming they are yours. Then they can fend for themselves. :sunglasses:

Agreed I’m no dish nazi either nor do I enjoy doing them but when the room starts to smell because they don’t do them I have no other choice. Your right maybe I’ll hide my dishes in my room and then see what they do without them. Can’t hide my frying pan though because that would be cruel. Imagine them using a paper frying pan…don’t think that would go to well

My biggest complaint at home comes from my kids. My youngest has basically figured out how to keep tidy, but my girls…HOLY MOLY! It’s like they enjoy living in complete chaos and disorder. There have been times where I refused to walk to their bed to kiss them goodnight because the room was such a mess I I couldn’t make it to their beds without having to kick stuff out of my way to avoid stepping over it. We even started paying them daily for a clean room. If only one kid has a clean room, that kid can claim everyone elses dollar. My son has LOVED this. The girls think it’s BS that he gets their money. I’m like, “there are two of you girls sharing a room and one of him! How come a 7-year-old can maintain a bedroom and bathroom twice your size all by himself?” I’ve honestly started to go grey over this. HAHAHA!

done but yeah things use to be easy when it’s apartments but now it’s a 5 bed room house yeah…there is always something to clean

ALWAYS something to clean… I’m so ready to have a real life Rosie the robot around to keep the house in order.

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Answered! There was no “Canada” option on the country, should I understand that, like many other events these days in the community, Canada isn’t included on the prizes?

Just say your US… But way North, lol.

@TheCharneco I would love to have a real life Rosie, but then she might killl me for always keeping a mess.