JLab makes a jab at Soundcore in their newest comparison to other brands with their newest product

So, I’ve seen this in the gadget news lately. JLab is introducing a new product called “JLab GO AIR” which are truly wireless earbuds for only $29.99 set to release in March of this year. I’m assuming that it will be at CES 2020. Anyway, for all of the products JLab has to offer, they compare it to other brands, with them finally including a Soundcore product this time around. Here’s a pic.

I noticed 2 things. The first is that they spelled Soundcore wrong. The second is that they didn’t use the Soundcore Liberty Neo, the lowest-priced Soundcore truly wireless earbuds, probably to make it look like they have the best and cheapest truly wireless earbuds on the market.

In a review by TechCrunch’s Brian Heater, he said that the sound quality was subpar but decent for the price. And an article by Android Headlines’ Alexander Maxham said that it was also subpar but good for workouts and such.

So they don’t look too hot right now for quality but more like an easy solution for not wanting wires and getting them at a price point in which they are not as good but better than those on a place like Wish.com with cheap and low-quality manufacturers.

The next best thing with a similar price point (besides Soundcore) would be Multited’s RX Truly Wireless Earbuds.

What I would want to see is Soundcore to make a similar priced, actual quality truly wireless earbuds and reveal them soon. It would be interesting to see a good jab back in the coming months.

What do you guys think? And what does @AnkerOfficial think? Comment below and make sure to like! :smile::+1:


LOL! It’s good to know the competition’s name before specifically calling them out. :rofl:


LOL IKR! :joy:

Ah sounscore, the company partnered with Anqer!


LOL :rofl:

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I would rather say… their wrong spelling of Soundcore as Sounscore will definitely make Anker into Anger :smiley:

Sloppy work from JLab overall, thier product may be good, but the poor write up does leave a bad impression on overall brand …

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Yes, but the articles said it was sub-par. Personally, I would rather pay more money to have better sound than just paying less for sub-par.

Everyone has their own way of comparing products :laughing:

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