Jet Shopping App

So I found this app today. :point_up:t2: That is the Apple App Store link, but it is available for google play as well. It’s called Jet, and I may be behind on this one but I haven’t heard of it before and I usually keep up with this sort of stuff. It’s great for finding deals on basically anything. Just trying it out today and I found a pair of Bose earbuds for over half off, making them $50 instead of $110. Anyway, just thought I would share it with all my fellow deal hunters! Cheers!


I’m ashamed of you… buying Bose instead of anker :joy::joy:

@ndalby we may need a ban…

Jk :wink::joy:

Looks like a pretty cool app, may have to check it out.


Remember folks, if the price is too good to be true it probably is

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Never heard of this app, I will look up some reviews on it :+1:

Jet is part of Walmart or some kind of spinoff. I have bought from Jet before with no problem. And you can also find Anker stuff using Jet :+1:t2:

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