IWOOT deal for Powercore 10400

I saw this deal on IWOOT (iwantoneofthose.com)

Family memeber will be travelling to New Zealand for a month and was just talking about giving them a lend of my old 10000 power bank but at this price I thought it was a bargain.

So much so I bought one.

@AnkerOfficial I can’t see IWOOT in the where to buy section so I’m curious as to the warranty as the site does promote the 18 month warranty, if there were any issues would I have to go back via them or could I come directly to yourselves?


How much is retail for UK pricing

Currently on Amazon for £29.99

Great deal! One of the fastest and most reliable power banks I’ve ever owned. It’s amazing that they were able to release a new 13000mah version in the same form factor.


I’m not seeing IWOOT in the UK list, I’m seeing only ebay and Amazon.

Yeah that’s where I had a look earlier, I was actually expecting there to be more places for UK as I’ve seen Anker products in the likes of Tesco and Maplins.

I’m not expecting there to be any issues and if there is, I kinda did expect to have to go back to them directly. But for that prices is an absolute bargain, and unlike buying on eBay or aliexpress I feel more assured that it’s a genuine product and not a fake - have bought loads of stuff from IWOOT over the years.

Great deal, but you run a risk buying from an authorized merchant. I think the extra 15 quid is worth the warranty and peace of mind.

I suggest you can ask IWOOT customer service to confirm that if they can provide the replacement service for you. Cos normally we don’t provide the replacement service for users who buy products in third parties.

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Every other product Anker product I’ve bought has been from Amazon. But as it’s for a family member who is most likely gonna leave it in New Zealand, as they would leave the house without their head if it wasn’t attached, then I thought it was a risk worth taking.

Yeah I thought that was case. I might contact them just outta curiousity to find out what they say anyway.