It's time for portable UV phone sanitizers

With the current pandemic I’d like to see @AnkerOfficial make a portable UV phone sanitizer/wireless charger powerbank I think it would be a huge seller and be useful in curbing the spread of covid-19. Phones are among the most germ laden things we interact with on a daily basis.

So who else thinks this is a good idea & what futures would be on your ideal wireless power bank / phone sanitizer?

Some ideas I’ve had are

  1. Using a hard cloth case similar to the power core anker cases. Or whatever material germs can survive the least amount of time on whether that be metal/plastic. If the case turns out to be metal. I would like to see TPU bumpers on the corners.

2.UV LEDs for the front and back of the phone.
3. Zippered or very strong magnet opening
4. >13k battery
5. Type c input/output
5. Wireless and PD charging
6. High wattage PD input for fast recharging of the power bank
7. Dedicated power button for the UV LEDs
8. 1 minute Auto shut-off for the LEDs
9. Trickle charge mode
10. Magnetic flap/cover for the USB ports

if you think this is a good idea and you would be interested in purchasing an item like this from Anker please share your ideas below.


Examples of similar phone sanitizers I have found on Amazon does sanitize your phone but lacks a power bank.




That’s a great idea @TheDude. This would be so useful. :slight_smile:

I did think of this recently, similar things do already exist but there are downsides also. UV does age surfaces.

What I do is have two phones and use one outside and one at home so I go out, enter house, wash hands and swap devices.

I’m not so much doing to protect myself but to not become the person who makes it worse for others. For myself I focused on physical and mental health. I have to create a good immune response and strong heart and lungs.

True but we upgrade our phones every few years and I doubt that phones being exposed to high intensity UV for a few minutes a day would do any significant damage or any for that matter.

I personally would prefer to wipe down my phone with rubbing alcohol (at least for the time being) but I have found myself cleaning sterilizing like a maniac and cleaning supplies are in short supply in California at the moment so something I can use to sterilize my phone and small objects that doesn’t rely on chemicals would be awesome.

I don’t worry about my personal health I’m a fairly young and healthy person but I do worry about those close to me and those that I’ve never met. I would hope everybody would do everything possible to stop the spread of the deadly virus that targets the most vulnerable amongst us as I am doing.

You’re two phone strategy sounds like a solid one but as you know the majority of people can’t afford two phones and would probably stick with one if given the choice. Swapping phones is a pain in the ass especially for tech challenged individuals. Which is let’s be honest most people.

this product if Anker decides to make something like this wouldn’t make it to market for the current pandemic at least I hope we get a handle on the situation in the next month or two but who knows how long this is going to go on look at all those dumbasses in Florida on the beachs. There’s going to be a large amount of people stocking up on masks gloves hand sanitizer Lysol and the like in the near future and I think this would go great in an emergency kit or just for people looking to keep their phone germ-free on the go which a lot of people are going to want to do.

I was at the roof and took a look at the plastic exhaust pipe of the gas heating
Totally rotten, really crumbling.
I dont know what kind of materials are used with phones.
Of course UV resistant phones can be produced, but I dont think those of our days are.

OK I started a thread to make two phones idea cheaper. A phone plus practically any other device like tablet, laptop.

This relates to frequency. For this specific pandemic, this virus is particularly easy to avoid as it dies on surfaces in days. So its the frequently touching the same thing which prevents anything on it getting naturally disinfected of this virus.

Also, if you wash your hands before going out, and on return. The phone is being touched by less greasy fingers (fingers make grease!) so when you do wipe your phone down with alcohol, it’s wiping an already less greasy surface.

Alcohol wipes is a good idea.

What about this idea: put it in one of those Anker waterproof bags after cleaning it, then wipe the bag instead? Works with wireless charging?


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That’s true but that is hours of exposure per day for years not minutes.

Personally I would only use those bags while on the lake or camping. They really do degrade the smartphone experience. I mean I didn’t pay $1,000 for a phone with a condom over it. I would like to see the screen and hear the speakers unobstructed use the fingerprint sensor Iris scanner ect having a charging case that I can pop my phone into quickly for a few minutes to charge / clean would provide obvious benefits.

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I know, Just an example of the UV resistance of plastic.

If I consider the “real” lifetime of a phone, the material might not be so important. :smile:

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This has been one of the most original ideas I have read in the last couple months. The only question I would have is if someone has found any info regarding phone companies recommending this method. So far I read Apple even recommends using a Clorox wipe to clean your phone or 70% isopropyl alcohol.

That would be ideal from a sanitation standpoint but I find myself in a situation where I’m low on sanitizer with no relief in sight as I imagine many others are as well. plus who wants to clean every nook and cranny of their phone/case when you could just pop it into a sanitizing charging case and not waste valuable resources on cleaning your phone.

No I have not looked up any information on the effectiveness UV phone sanitizers but I know that use UV sanitizers in hospitals

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Well science has studied this idea. The person’s fingers have the bugs on them, they zap the phone then touch the phone.

But when you use alcohol wipes, the finger ends get alcohol on them in the process.

So plenty have thought about this and alcohol wipes is the recommendation.

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I was just thinking the same thing actually. Phone soap is very expensive…

I would use this all the time if it existed.

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:rofl: good one

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GREAT idea! I love this idea. :+1:t2::+1:t2:

They could’ve made some great sales during this pandemic

Or Ozone?

I agree, panic makes profit.

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Yeah, I’ve seen tons of products on KickStarter that have been capitalising on COVID-19

There are so many useless things invented to make money.
There will be a special door opener “Hygiene hook” offered by ALDI.


I like that, reminds me of a bull.

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But its useless “bullsh*t” :rofl:

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