It's my power bank safe to use?

I have a Anker PowerCore 20000 for about 2 years and 3 months. It has always been in the bag. I have recently seen that it has a crack in the plastic case. I don’t think it has fallen. Is it safe to use?

Is the case simply cracked or does it feel like the batteries inside have swollen to the point they have cracked the casing?


Really different to say.
What was the reason for that crack.
A drop or swollen batteries (Arwen metioned this already! :wink:)

I think in the area where the crack is feels a little thicker

Looking at your picture, it appears the area near the crack may be bulging, so it is possible that the batteries are swollen (which can happen if the batteries were exposed to high temperatures or if the battery was discharged for a long period of time). It would probably be best to recycle the power bank per your area’s local regulations.

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It wasn’t left in a window sill was it, or on top the dash in the car?

Looks like a bulge / swell near the crack, caused due to high temperature possibly due to charging in hot environment, would be good not to charge it again or use it, may cause it to explode (extreme conditions)

Thank for everyone who has left a reply. It has never been exposed to heat. I think it might be due to overcharging (Charging overnight).

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It may be safe to stop using it. Better safe than sorry