It's like Vegas in here, up to 40%off

Latest email deals


This has already been shared twice. Once before you, once after you. Lol

Got this over email as well… It’s raining deals :tada:

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theres lots of great deals today!


Great deals! Thanks for sharing :ok_hand:


I got the same email but I remain disappointed, I have a 26800 and two 10000 and I’m waiting for something substantially better to come along.
PowerCore Speed 20000 PD - only 30W output and comes bundled with an older 30W charger I’d like it unbundled as own a 60W charger.

Powercore 10000PD - known product flaw of doesn’t work with the many obvious chargers you’d want to own

PowerCore+ 26800 PD - only 30W and bundled with a charger you’d not want and its expensive

The surprising part in 2019 is how long we are having to wait for a real step change in technology. Hopefully something compelling happens before 2020.

Haven’t received these yet so thanks for sharing!

Nice deals, thanks @tank for sharing.

Thanks for sharing these!

That powerwave 7.5 car mount looks good!

hmmmm interesting

Dang, looks like missed it.