It's Here: PowerCore Jump Starter mini!

Anker has finally delivered on their promise of releasing a new jump starter! Well, it has just appeared on Amazon, and looks very intriguing! The price is $80.

For those seeking a rugged and water resistant power bank, this may be for you. However, the added bulk to allow for the jump starter comes at a cost.

The battery itself is 9000mAh and should be able to provide a jump start 15 times.

Anker also has an informative video promoting the product.

What do you think of this upgraded car jump starter from Anker? Personally, it seems really cool! In case you’re wondering, no, it does not sport the new Anker logo.

If you prefer, information about this product can also be found on the Anker website, however (predictably), it is not yet available for purchase.


This is great, too bad at the price it’s listed at now is a big NO from me. Other companies make similar products but at a fraction of the cost. Would love to see the price in the low 100 dollar range maybe even sub 100. This would make me buy at least 2, 1 for each car

My main concern is how much cranking amps this will provide, my car being a Saab requires a high cranking amp battery and similar for charge packs. Would be interested to know what specs it has besides battery capacity


The Anker Powercore Jump Starter Mini looks great! But not so much the price. I actually got excited before I went to the Amazon link and saw the price. Hahaha.


Great looking product but as @elmo41683 mentioned its priced to high. I’ve seen similar products priced at half that price. I picked one up from a local store last year with similar features for $39 on sale the regular price was $60.

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Like I said @elmo41683 @Nhi @Element321,
The price will almost certainly go down.

I’ll be sure to notify you when it does!


I know it will go down. But I bet it will still be higher. If the price drops to a more competitive price even its a little higher I will most likely get it. I do want wait and see the reviews first.

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“Starts Cars with up to 2.8L Engines”. This greatly limits the customers.

If you were able to purchase it through Anker’s website, you could use the coupon from the Thanksgiving deal, however like stated many times, $170 seems a bit much. Maybe a bigger version for engine displacement. Even with the v6, 3.5L is the lower end

Good find @joshuad11, please do updates as the price drops!! I know a lot of people would love to have this especially with that nice caring case it comes with

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Thanks for finding (how …?) and yes its that silly few days til it comes down to normal discount then a few weeks til a discount appears. Wonder what will be the normal discounted price… $80? Then discount takes it down to $72?

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Are you doing:

  • search “powercore”
  • sort by “newest arrivals”


Because then it shows. If that’s what you did then its a daily lucky search method.

Price dropped to $80+shipping

Oh look 2 posts up…

Next: the 20% discount…


@cdarienzo1 @Isaac_Schloss @Element321 @Nhi @elmo41683


Do not order now.

Wait. Doubt need to wait more than 2 weeks for the discount.

Also as you’re basically searching and not letting Anker announce it, you could be getting ahead of stock and warehouse and get a bad experience. So another reason to wait.

What this tells you is “soon”.


Well he is dedicated :smile:

I’m surprised Anker doesn’t wait until annouced / adequate stock levels until listing on Amazon and the such. Would eliminate or least reduce this sort of thing…

This product just went into my wishlist !
I’ll dig deeper in the specs to make sure it could be used on my motorcycle safely.

Thank you for this news !

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Haha Josh knows too much, I’m afraid he will get my job!:joy:


Looks very good and would love to add one of these to my Anker goodies.

Best I can do is $40 with prime shipping :laughing: