It's great to be back!

Hey everyone!!

Sam here. I have recently come back to the Anker scene after a couple of years off to find all of this!! It’s great to have the ability to communicate with other like minded people but even greater to find that Anker also address topics themselves.

I love forward to being part of this community and learning more.

If you’d like to learn more about me follow the link below to my web bio.

Welcome to the forum

Do you have any tips on how I can work my way up the levels?

Just be a regular here (posting and creating topics) and you will start accumulating points and eventually start reaching new levels

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Thanks dude :smile:

Welcome back! You’ll find more info here. Just beware that leveling up is a bit harder now than it was earlier

Thanks @Shivam_Shah guess I’m init for the long haul now

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Yea should be relatively quick for lower levels though. But good luck on the grind :joy:

I’ve been level 10 for a while now :disappointed_relieved: