It's a sad, sad electronics day :(

@AnkerOfficial I let my niece borrow my 26800+ PD charger. On the way to the car, she dropped it and now it won’t recharge properly; it’s stuck at @0.5A.

The Note 8 connection was a test of the charging setup.


I see not even life support is helping out so when is the funeral? BTW love the power meter!

Thanks! I’m hoping Anker could help me out and maybe consider more drop-proofing measures for future releases . Fingers crossed

Sorry about that man, time to get a new one

have you emailed I do the same thing with my power bank and I have NEVER had anything like that happens. They will 100% help you out.

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Send them an email, even still it should sustain small drops and bumps without issue

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I’ll give it a shot. Thank you.

Anytime, that;s what the community is here for. It helps to use the search bar for issues like this or just go right for the email, but this is a new product so there may not be as many reviews on here yet.

That’s a shame. You should teach your niece to be more careful :wink:

NO!!! What a sad day. Send me an invite to the wake. :cry:

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I’ve said before I’d love for a more rugged case option. Would be ideal for the kids when at skatepark.

You have my condolences for your loss


Anker said that they cannot help since this is a defect in the product caused by the user and not by manufacturer/shipping.

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Escalate the ticket in your email to Management, explain that your a member in the community here and ask they make a 1 time exception to help you

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Done. Thank you for the suggestions.

Yea that’s BS like @elmo41683 said, take it up the chain. There is no way they should be telling you that, the defect is cleaerly in the product since they were made to withstand that kind of impact.

If Anker isn’t going to help you out then I say crack that baby open and see what’s inside. You might find something that you can fix.


@iroast If you are feeling very trusting and all other hope is lost, I have an electrical engineer buddy that might be able to analyze the circuitry and see what went wrong. (I can’t guarantee that it wouldn’t catch fire during the “analysis,” my friend has done that in the past [to albeit sketchy, dollar store quality power banks].) In his words, “White smoke good. Blue smoke bad.”

Similar to what @Maypo52 said, finding out what went wrong is better than simply accepting that something “broke.”

If you really do want to live dangerously, I can DM you my address- I would happily pay for shipping and perhaps a new power bank-- it is always difficult when an everyday item breaks or wears out.

But first, see what support says to your request. They’re nice people.


That’s a class act dude! Very rare to see these days :+1: