It’s Time To See The Future | Nebula Cosmos- sign up an win!



Introducing the Nebula Cosmo! You can sign up now for a chance to win a 40% off coupon, as well as a $300 off coupon!

1st Place

40% discount for Nebula Cosmos, plus an extra $300 OFF

2nd Place

40% discount for Nebula Cosmos, plus an extra $200 OFF

3rd Place

40% discount for Nebula Cosmos, plus an extra $100 OFF

Sign-Up Reward

As a reward for signing up, you’ll receive an exclusive 40% super early bird discount for Nebula Cosmos. LIMITED NUMBER!

Terms & Conditions

  • Winners will be notified via email by October 16th, 2019.

  • Users who do not win a prize will receive a 40% super early bird discount code for Nebula Cosmos.

  • This campaign is open to residents from all over the world.

  • There are a limited number of super early bird perks available. Make sure to check the Kickstarter campaign once it’s launched on October 16th, at 7am (EST).

  • By submitting your email you agree to the Privacy Policy and to receive marketing messages from Nebula.

  • Nebula reserves the right of final explanation.

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and sign up for a 40% off coupon, and a chance for a $300 coupon!

Good luck to everyone!


It appears that first place actually wins the new cosmos projector…


Basically it’s all about referrals, the more people you get to sign up the higher your ranking is amongst everyone else.


I am tired of these boring events… Will be skipping this specific one!

Best of luck to everyone!!


The MSRP will likely be $500, so the 40% super early bird discount will take that down to $300.


Which makes sense as to why the $300 coupon makes it free.

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I do see @TechMan at 2nd spot… :+1:

Even more so I hate these events because it’s easy to fake referrals and accounts. Even more so because Anker has proven in the past they do not check or verify them.


Um, I’m not cheating

If I were, I certainly wouldn’t be in second…

Did I say you were? No, I was just saying these contest push people to do so

It certainly seemed implied since it immediately followed a post about me doing well in the contest…

Good luck to all who participate

Guilty concious much? Dont assume everything is about you, so relax buddy, take a chill pill and enjoy the day.

Don’t worry. We’ve added the anti-cheating software in this sign up page and we will verify all of the entries.

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Problem is that is IP based. Someone can easily use a VPN to get around the anti-cheating software…

So your finally admitting you cheated

Any idea what kind of device it is? a Mars-type projector?

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No :roll_eyes:. I’m just saying it’s very easy to get around the system.

Come on guys, even the great Apple’s iOS & Google’s Android codes are over turned with Jailbreaks and roots, and you are talking about Anti-Cheating software …

Why does Anker want more people to signup? Why not do it in a different manner where there are more re-tweets / sharing / more social awareness for the event.

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I actually hate this multilevel marketing type schemes. Good luck everyone.

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