It’s The Final Countdown


Happy Holidays, Nebula fans!

The countdown has begun.

No, not for Christmas, although there are only 5 days to go until Anker Claus pops down your chimney with presents galore.

We’re talking about something far more exciting: the Cosmos and Cosmos Max Kickstarter countdown!

The Kickstarter ends on December 22 at 6:59 am PST exactly, so you’d better ACT NOW if you want to save up to $600 on the World’s First 4K Home Theater Projector with 3D Audio.

And if you already a proud owner of a Nebula projector, then we’ve got an extra special discount for you. As thanks for supporting our past projectors, you will get an extra $100 refunded to you on your Nebula Cosmos/Cosmos Max purchase. Make sure have proof of purchase to take advantage

On top of that, each backer will receive a free projector stand. So come and join the 1,700+ people who have already pledged over $1.5 million to transform your home into a home cinema.

Click here to head over to the Kickstarter page and grab your Cosmos / Cosmos Max.

Have a Wonderful Christmas!:christmas_tree::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

The Nebula Team




Great news :+1:

I wish i had the money to afford this, i would love to just be able to replace all the TVs in the house with these

I think that this is an incredible piece of innovation tech that will change and shape the way we view home entertainment. I think we will see more products like it released from other brands. This is another step towards projectors replacing televisions.

Only issue is I don’t want to dish out $1000+ on a product no ones tried yet haha


I hear you, I’m risky but not that risky haha.:money_mouth_face:

Before even clicking on this thread, when I read the title Europe started playing in my head. Thanks for coming through @TheDude :wink:

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Think this was the last one @ndalby


Thank you for tagging these, @chrisjwaggoner! Much appreciated!

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Lol I started singing it as I was reading the topic title