It is time for an auction!

A little bit boring here the last time.
Should be time for an exciting auction.
But not a cable, please.:confounded:

Anker go on, offer something nice :
May be one of the new roboVacs or a Zero or Roav.


Or soundcore rave?

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Something nice, I have pb to spend!


That would unfortunately restrict the auction to US only :frowning:

Unless they made it available in other countries :wink:

Auction will be lot of fun, hope to see Wakey :sunglasses:


It would be great to see one of their higher-end speakers :grin:

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Yes, a Wakey would be something to go for.
The item should be more desirable than those we have been offered.

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Hope @AnkerOfficial takes note of this request :crossed_fingers:

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A wakey would be a great item


We are planning a new auction now.:smile:


Looking forward to it :+1:

Let’s hope this time, I don’t miss it the changes to forum.

I’ve missed both auctions due to new layout and structure since.

Also be nice if you responded FULLY to the pm I sent, rather than just one part.

3 days later…still no auction