It is that time of year ... to buy LIGHTS!

So here it is dark at 8.30pm so it is prompting me to:

  • wash the winter clothing while it is strong warm sun to dry them having not used any of it for 5 months
  • check the heating works so I can fix before I need it
  • check all my Anker flashlights
  • check all my Eufy lights.

I have 5 LC40, 3 LC90, 2 LC120, 6 Eufy stick-on lights, recharging them or checking their batteries - are you getting ready for the dark?

Here in California the first winter storm is probably months off, the problems we usually need to solve begin about January when the first proper rain and wind passes through and all the rotten branches then fall and the trees aging then fall in the wet loose solid after being held up by months of rock hard soil.

Then the utility company has hundreds of power lines to fix and we must wait our turn, typically 6 to 24 hours. So the power outages are probably 5 months off, so all I need to bother about now is simply the lengthening nights.

So let’s think if we need to get anything? I have been slowly moving all the popular gadgets to “off grid” capable, we got our cooking off-grid via bar’b’que and alcohol stove (UK “meths” USA “denurated alcohol”), have an (aging) UPS for the router/Wifi/server, have Powercore 26800, 2x10000, 5000, 3x3350, Solar x2, moving from PCs to laptops, tablets, a media server for offline, so enough to last a damp dark few days.

Anything I miss?

Long live summer 2019!


It’s been storming here in North Carolina off and on since before I moved here. I was driving home yesterday after dropping my wife off at work at 2 AM and a massive tree trunk came crashing down, luckily I saw it ahead of time and changed lanes on the highway, otherwise it whd have landed right on me. I love rain but hate the damage it causes.

I have all my gear charged up and ready for any blackout, I’m good for at least a week. And I can extend that longer if need be because I have a powerport that can charge via heat from boiling water.


Good idea! I need to stock up on more reliable flash lights.


Remember, put at 25°C for three hours. Note which radiators need bleeding.

Next day when it’s all cold again, bleed, starting on the top floor and working down to the CONTROL rad… Usually it’s slightly lower than all the others downstairs and has a drain valve (for if you ever need to drain the system).

That’s how I was taught.

Personally, I put on trial period, then any problem rads, I tell the council. As in flats they’re responsible. I dont do the council should as any mistakes, it’ll be my problem, but if they bodge it, then their prob! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Considering the long duration, is a good idea have this light. Nice posts.

Are you sure? What about summer 2018? :upside_down_face:

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What is that? We have trees too. Whatever causes power outage is game to be chopped up and burnt but admittedly they’d be rotten damp so…

BTW all the Eufy lights spread across the house, all lost their stickiness within a week of each other after months stuck on walls, across a diverse set of locations from damp to dry’n’hot. They all landed on the floor :frowning: so I will just leave them on surfaces. One of the buggers is doing a good job of hiding in the garage probably batteries came out. I’ll find it eventually (with my LC40).

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