Issues with SoundCore Boost BT connection

So I’ve had a Soundcore boost since Father’s day last year and I love it. Except that now the BT connection has started dropping. The issue resolves when plugged in to an outlet, but once unplugged it disconnects within about 5 minutes. That really puts a cramp in my party-on-the-go lifestyle. Its alright for now because it’s winter and I’m not hanging out outside as much, but I’m wondering if anyone has has the same issue. I tried rebooting, etc, but nothing seems to fix it. Any ideas?

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Is it doing it on more than one device?

Your still within warranty so you could drop an email to but be aware response times will be slower than normal due to the upcoming Chinese New Year celebrations…

Yeah, it’s consistent across devices. I did contact them. not too worried about response time - I’m using mostly in places where I have access to a plug right now.

When you have it paired, do you have any music or podcast playing? And when it disconnects does the speaker seem to turn off or go into standby mode?

I only ask because I thought if nothing is playing it would revert to standby mode and thus disconnect from bluetooth in order to save battery life.

I’ve tried it with music and Netflix shows. I first noticed it when using it to provide audio while watching netflix on the my Moto Mods projector.
It seems to disconnect - the power button blinks blue and it gives a searching sound.

That’s strange, maybe try forcing it to forget all devices by pressing both the volume up and down button for 3 seconds or so. Also forget it on your phone and then try to repair it and see if that helps

That’s a good idea. I’ll try that when I get home and you know how it goes.

Anker sent me a return label for this, BTW. I think it may have happened on more than one?

This happened to me too. It started losing connection, then might reconnect after a bit. At first I thought it was only when I was using Netflix but it happens with other devices, other apps, etc. I tried forgetting devices, updating Bluetooth drivers on my pc, etc. But no change. I’m not sure if it’s related or not but eventually even the speaker started sounding really bad, like a torn speaker, and I don’t usually listen to overly loud music. A little hassle but Anker sent a replacement after I sent the defective one back. We’ll see if this one works. I like the speaker, when it works and have other anker products which I like.