Issues with Saving Motion Detection / Clips

As the title says I often have issues with saving or downloading my motion detections from the eufy app to my phone.

Some of the issues I’ve experienced.

  • First frames of clips are washed out although they play normally in App.
  • First few seconds are blank/black screen although they play normally in App.
  • Clip is completely unplayable, missing sound and or video.

App V1.1.0_168 on iOS 12.1.2

We are unleashing a plethora of bugfixes in the new update to the homebase. This should fix your issues.

The update is (you can find this in homebase-> about)

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OK, still waiting on the update. :neutral_face:

It should be pushed to your system by the end of next week!

We will be posting an official update explaining everything very soon. Thank you for your patience.