Issue with Quotes

Is anybody else having this issue? Why can’t I quote a message and reply to the specific topic? It happened few times already to me.
Is this a technical bug in the forum coding or did I miss any here?

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No problem.

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weird, only doing for me…

Can’t say I’ve noticed anything myself…does it still happen if you log out / in?

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Are you selecting their whole statement as a quote? If you are, it won’t allow you to proceed. For instance, with what I’ve already written, if you select everything that I’ve written and try to quote… it won’t let you. BUT… if you only highlight a portion of what I’ve said, it will let you. Hope that makes sense.

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No, if you look at the picture that’s only part of the post I quoted. And it’s on and off not always doing that.

It happens when you quite someone’s entire post, instead of just part of it

I believe it also happens if you’re replying directly below the post you’re quoting (there are no other posts in-between).

It has happened to me several times before. Not sure why this happens, as this is a sure-fire way of knowing who is being replied to.