Issue with pairing Anker Soundcore Pro + / Poor functionality

Hello, I have an Anker Soundcore Pro + that I use with my phone and my laptop. Mostly it sits on my desk.

I currently have this connected to my laptop via 3.5mm jack (aux port). I understand that when the speaker is connected via 3.5mm jack to a laptop, this automatically disconnects the Bluetooth.

My issue is that I want to be able to unplug the 3.5mm jack from the laptop but keep the 3.5mm connected to the speaker and connect via bluetooth. So that when I want to connect via bluetooth to my phone I don’t have to reach behind the speaker to disconnect.
It seems that when a 3.5mm jack is connected to the aux port on the back of the speaker, the bluetooth is disconnected regardless if there is a signal going through the audio cable. So if nothing is connected at the other end of the cable bluetooth still doesn’t work.

Am I correct in my finding or am I doing something wrong?

Note: I noticed, with the aux port plugged but not connected to another device, on power up, the speaker briefly connects via bluetooth to my phone (for 1-2 seconds) before disconnecting and switching to aux. This would mean that the aux port is not necessarily the primary input on the logic board but that it can switch between bluetooth and aux but that the functionality is not set in this way. If this is the case, this is a massive bummer and pain. A more intuitive way of doing this would be to have the bluetooth be on/off (switchable via already present bluetooth button) so that regardless of cabled connections, when the bluetooth is on and connected, it becomes the primary input. It seems that things have been done in a backwards way and it’s a shame for such an amazing speaker.

I think this is right.

But there are not many having that “issues” because they dont use the speaker in your way.
And at last, is this really a big problem to pull out the plug from the speaker?

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Thanks for your reply Chiquinho but you have not provided any valuable feedback and basically told me to just get over it.

I am not an ANKER’s engineer, sorry!

The audacity of some people :rofl:

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I will take some lessons as a magician asap after lockdown! :rofl:

@kahoj27566 Please note when you have an Aux cable plugged in, the speaker will give priority to Aux mode. So you could reset the speaker by pressing and holding the Bluetooth button for 3-5 seconds and test again.