Issue with eufycam 2


I just bought an Eufycam 2 because of homekit support but I am disappointed because of the image quality. The streaming live speed is close to 10kps and then the quality is definitely not 1080 when I am on 4G network. What is strange is that when I am on Wi-Fi, the speed increase and I have a better image quality with a speed between 30-40 kps. The 4G network is clearly powerful enough to support 30-40kps. The question is why this difference? When Homekit is activated, the resolution is lower than 1080p. But even when Homekit is desactivated the streaming between the base station and the camera is still slow even when the camera is just in front of the base. There is clearly an issue with the streaming speed? Does anyone have the same issue?

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Hey @Khaled

Thank you for letting us know your concern.

If possible, could you please send us a few photo references to look into this case for you?

Please feel free to reach out for further assistance! Looking forward to hearing back from you.

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As you can see in the screenshot below I am not able to download the record and the other screenshot show the streaming speed. I also have another issue the notification doesn’t work anymore. I don’t understand why because it’s activated into the eufy app and iOS setting

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My streaming speed is also dramatically low and the image is during the rain and is worthless.