Issue charging Gopro Hero 6 with my Anker


I bought some times ago an Anker PowerCore 13000 (IQ) wictch work great. I tried to charge my Gorpo Hero 6 with it and it doesn’t charge ?
My Anker works with all my phone (Samsung Note 4, Samsumg S7) And my Gopro charge with in wall plug.

My question is : is there any known compatibilty issu with my Anker and the Hero 6 ?

Thanks a lot !

Hi @bfg9k, it looks like it should work, as the PowerCore would supply the 5V 2A output that the GoPro needs ( Do any lights come on the PowerCore when you connect the GoPro? Does pressing the power button on the PowerCore change anything?

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Hello TechnicallyWell,

Thanks a lot for your answer !

I did some tests this morning and it works… I don’t really understand.

To answer to your questions, my Anker behave normally : blue lights on when I plug it to my Hero 6.

In fact, I can reproduce the red lights blink : if I unplug my Anker (from Anker side) and plug it again, the H6 blink.

To stop the blinking, I have to turn on the H6, then turn it off while charging : then the red lignts are steady. Weird behavior…

Thanks for your help !

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Glad to hear it’s working now!

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Some update :

Looks like the H6 doesn’t want to charge with my Anker when it’s around 97%…

To “force” the charge I have to film, stop, and the the charge goes on.

Looks like some communication problem between my Anker and H6 or a software bug on the H6… Or protection ?

When I start charging while my H6 is around 80% it starts without any problem. The problem occurs when the H6 is almost fully charged.

With the wall plug it works even at 98%. The only difference is the wall plug is 5v 2A and my Anker 5v 3A.

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Hi @bfg9k,
This is probably happening because once your GoPro reaches 97%, it starts “trickle charging” and using so little power that the PowerCore thinks it is done and automatically shuts off.
You can overcome this by plugging something into the PowerCore’s second port (for example, your phone) to charge at the same time. That way, both ports should stay on until the GoPro reaches 100%.

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When I charge with my Anker from 40% it goes all the way to 100% if I dont unplug / plug around 96% Weird !

I will give a try about a phone on the second port.

Thanks for your help !

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Update :
As soon as I plug a phone when the Gopro is blinking, it stops.
You were right !
Thank you !

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The smaller mAh Anker batteries have a lower voltage cutoff and would most likely charge the small hero 6 battery fully.


Yep, but I prefer to have just one Powerbank on me…
I keep it in mind anyway just in case !
Thank you !

Update :
Well my wife wants the blue one !
Thanks for my wallet Jesse ! :smile:


Lol, anytime :sunglasses:

Hi, Just wanted to chime in. I just received my Hero7 Black and am looking at some Anker power banks. I see that a lot of them are speccing out at an output of 5v 1.5A and input 5v 2A. I looked at the GoPro spec page (link below) that shows the GoPro Charger output: 5V 1-2A. Wouldn’t a 5v 1.5A output from a power bank work? I’m asking due to just receiving my Hero7 Black. Thanks, Ray (

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Maybe try a different cable?

you should be fine to charge your GoPro with one of Ankers battery packs. Might I suggest This One It has a trickle charge function so it can fully charge your device, and if it shuts off as a previous poster above found you can put it in trickle charge mode so it fully charges your GoPro


Good tip, @elmo41683! Yes, the trickle charge function should help “top-off” the GoPro all the way to 100%.