ISO video of Anker PowerCore+ 26800 PD CORRECTLY being pluggin in and CHARGING

I am in the process of returning a bad yet brand New Anker PowerCore+ 26800 PD.

I tried going thru all the steps suggested by support to no avail. However, I am unable to locate an instructional video on what this product looks like when it is plugged in and being PROPERLY charged. What do the lights look like? How do you know when it’s done? Why is mine not working. I’d love a basic video that goes over HOW to charge this item and what it looks like when it’s charging and when the charge is completed. Otherwise, I am not interested in wasting my time on a replacement without clear instructions.


The lights should light up

While recharging itself, the remaining power of the LED indicators will light steadily; while the next charging LED indicator will flash. And they will turn off when the PowerCore is fully charged.

Please contact Anker Customer Support with the model ( A1375/A1376). We can send you an pdf instruction for the details.

What wall plug are you using to charge this powerbank? What is the output rating of the charger you are using?

Here’s what it looks like when being charged. This is using my macbook pro charger and cord, but it looks the same when I use the cord and charger that came with the unit.

And here’s what happens when I plug it in to charge my macbook pro. It stops charging within maybe 15 seconds.

Do I have a defective product or am I doing this wrong?

Could you try pressing on the button before trying to charge your MacBook Pro?

So it appears, either a dud product, or:

  • when you plug a charger to the C port it is fully charged already and so turns itself off.
  • you aren’t pressing the power button before you plug into your laptop so it’s acting as if it’s being recharged?

USB PD is a bidirectional technology meaning a port can be input or output. The Powercore if left alone then plugged into power (charger or laptop) will default to expecting to receive input power. If though you want it to act to output power you must first press the power button then connect it to laptop.

As per written in the manual.

Press power button then use to charge device

And when charging the Powercore:


If you are doing as we say and not working then:

  • try different cables
  • try different chargers

If still not working it’s a dud and warranty process begins by email quoting order details, serial number and what steps to taken to try to root cause analysis.

I’m surprised you say no videos, there are many, example here

It’s a dud, according to support. I’ve seen all the unboxing videos … I was looking for what the lights should look like while charging and how that works… there’s little on that specficially.


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Sorry to hear.

Hope the replacement arrives quick and works.