Is your Eufy Battery Doorbell not working at night ?

I just purchased the Eufy Battery Doorbell and it works great during the daytime but it doesn’t work at all at night . No person alerts are popping up even though there are people in sight of the camera . Does anyone have this problem ??? I have only had this doorbell for one day and one night and I have tried all of the night settings and it is still not working .

Are they being recorded though? Do you have an iPhone with Do not disturb enabled? if so, you wont get alerts… Mine was doing that when it was working right. Noticed the clips recorded but no notifications until after the DND time

Maybe you turned off the notifications past a certain time

Thank you for reaching out.

Have you schedule the doorbell camera working mode from the security tab page?

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Thank you for your support. Have a lovely day.

I have more or less the same issue. My doorbell seems to fall asleep at night. It does not catch the paper delivery or my wife getting the paper. I have to stand in front of the camera for about 15 seconds before the blue light comes on. Then it works fine. Any help would be appreciated.

Have you managed to fix it? I’ve got the exact same issue: my 2K doorbell works fine during the day but no motion detection at night