Is warranty valid on AliExpress purchases?

Browsing the forums I found worrying posts that stated that the 18 month warranty is not valid for purchases made from Anker Official Store at AliExpress. Is this true?
I can understand if this is the case for third party resellers on Ali and such platforms. But It seems strange if Ankers own shop on Aliexpress has different warranty policy than if you by directly from Anker.

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I understand the frustration of everyone when it cmes to aliexpress and Ankers warranty. But, when one shops on aliexpress that said warranty becomes a moot point because they have to adhere to aliexpress policy which is full refund or partial refund and you keep the item.
@AnkerOfficial explains it Here


Hi @T68 seconding what @elmo41683 has mentioned, warranty claim issue’s are due to AliExpress and their policies…

Thanks for pointing them in the right direction @elmo41683