Is this wandering RoboVac normal?

Today was my first day with any sort of robotic vacuum. I have the Eufy RoboVac 30C. Our main level is fairly large - living room, kitchen, great room are all open and connected. I’m wondering if the behavior I’m seeing is normal.

The RoboVac just sort of wanders around randomly, doesn’t really stay in one room and complete the area before moving on like a human would. I have my doubts about whether this “bouncing around” is really getting things thoroughly cleaned. For example, it criss-crossed the kitchen a few times, then moved on to the next room, leaving a lot of the kitchen uncleaned. It seems like a very inefficient way to get things done - I would have expected it to work its way back and forth in parallel paths til it had covered the entire room. If it keeps switching between rooms and only doing part of each one, I don’t think it’ll get the entire area completely clean before it runs out of battery.

I suppose I could block off openings to make it only do one room at a time, but the whole point of buying the RoboVac was to be able to push a button and let it do the work for me, not sit there and babysit it.

Is this normal?

Hi Sarah!

It depends greatly on the robovac in question. Most robovacs, though, function through a randomized path, usually starting at a spiral then changing course whenever they encounter an obstacle. So, to resume, yes, it is normal for the Eufy to behave that way. It’s a robovac with a basic navigation system that won’t really discern between rooms. If you have a large home, I would recommend breaking its cycle either for a single room or a couple of rooms. I live in an apartment not that large, and after my year and so with an Eufy, I found it works best breaking the cycle. You can still “set and forget” it if you focus the Eufy on a single room - which is what I do most of the time.

More modern robovacs have a learning algorithm that allows them to map a home and actually know where they’ve been. They are on a whole other price point - double or triple than Eufy’s.

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This is normal.
The RoboVac likes strolling around.
So I lock him in the different rooms.
Think this is more efficient than let him “wandering”.

But when you let him work without those “prisons”
he will do his job after a while.
You should not expect him working with a schedule.
There is no with this model.

Yes random is they way my Robovac 11 “Sweep” works but he does like sneaking into the bathroom and beating up the bathroom rug, he also likes chewing shoelaces given half a chance :unamused:

Don’t forget to clean out the dust collecting bin each day otherwise he will try claiming he has caught twice as much dirt in a day than he really has.


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You may use casual or slip-on shoes only.
(Just kidding)

Fringes can be hidden under the carpets easy.

Yes, this is a very normal behaviour.
But if he should be knocking constantly to the door leading to the garden : do not let him out ! Instead: clean his dust bin … :wink:

Thank you guys! I appreciate the clarification. I’ll try blocking him to a smaller area. And I won’t let him into the garden :wink:

I had the same question when we got ours.
We had to return ours for a replacement when it had a funny turn and would only go backwards… ha!
But we really noticed that even with it’s random patterns of movement it does do an amazing amount of cleaning for us! I have to say that without the RoboVac I was sad! It might be random, but we have ours set to 9am clean every week day and it thoroughly cleans everywhere in that time.
(PS, Remember to pick up chargers ect as it doesn’t like those :stuck_out_tongue:)

Yeah, some autonomous vacuums have randomized paths.

So not only does it clean but it keeps you on your toes of figuring out where it is and what it’s doing

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If the robots disappears, better he hides somewhere when he doesn’t like to work anymore (strike :joy: ) you have to crawl on the floor trying to catch him by hand or find out by the remote where this rascal is, as calling him doesn’t help! :grin:

Calling an electronic device - this works for alexa. So : connect the Robo to Alexa, then you can say: “Alexa, say to Robo that he should … (for example: come to me ; or : start cleaning; or : stop cleaning …)”. Should be no big thing to implement …