Is this new? Powercore II 20000

Photo shows IQ2 and rounded sides so I not seen that combination before.

It is in it’s ridiculous price hidden phase before the discounted period.

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1st glance I’m thinking it’s being advertised at full price for a month so it can be reduced to the price they want to sell it at. Not sure if it’s the same in the US but to be advertised on sale, it must be sold at its standard price for the proceeding 28 days before it can be marked down.

That’s what I am thinking


The not selling at high price is normal.

The question is it a new product?


Arrrr right. The current one is a lot squarer. Can’t see them selling at $100 though. Can you?

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Yes it is. I posted about it awhile back. Should also launch alongside the PowerCore 10000 with IQ 2.

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No. PowerIQ 2 is supposed to bring smaller, thinner lighter, and cheaper versions of their predecessors. :grinning:


Remember, the other power banks didn’t end up having IQ 2. It was delayed.

this does appear to be a new product due to absolutely no reviews of this product have been posted. Also indicates it will be in stock on August 30th so I’m also assuming it hasn’t bee n released for public consumption or testing.

I expect around $60 at more common price.

So the odd thing is how weak is the recharge for so large and IQ2.

@AnkerOfficial do you know what the dimensions of this are?

I reckon from the photos I can predict it.

It is a 3-cell wide 2 cell stacked configuration, each cell a 18650 3350mAh. That means it is the same width and height as the Powercore 10000. The depth is likely 1 18650 ontop of the Powercore 10000. Given its IQ2, then the same chipset can do more Wattage.

Hence, if it is what I think it is inside, on the outside it should be

  • length 3.62+2.67 (allow for solder) = 6.29in
  • width 2.36in, I doubt a reason to be any wider
  • depth 0.87in, it could be thicker to strengthen the bending, given its shape.

Weight should be about 12.4-12.8oz.

Where is the 10000 IQ2?

So that would be most compact Anker 20000mAh correct?

“The upgrade version PowerCore II 10000 will be launched in August. Sorry, I can’t share more information about the functional question. Hoping you can understand me”

@AnkerOfficial said this awhile ago.

Yes it should be, I’m just disappointed with the expected recharge speeds. 2x2A, or 2.4A or 3A input.

The Powercore II 20000 is dual input. The Powercore 20000 is not.

The typical member here won’t care, I’m thinking corner cases and extremes. For example: solar. The sun varies, if you get a perfect situation the 21W Anker solar panel can exceed 2A output, with the possible Powercore 20000 it would potentially discard energy from that perfect few hours. A Powercore II 20000 does not discard anything as dual-input. It is rarely perfect solar, most of the time <2A so most of the time the Powercore 20000 is fine.

From what I see, the Powercore 20000 has no inherent reason to be expensive, it would be my prediction to be the most commonly best value 20000 mAh.

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I know


I thought the powercore II line will use flat battery cell instead of 18650 cell though. (powercore II 20k and 10k mah). also, IQ2 seem to be QC 2.0 or 3.0 i guess, because the powercore II 20k doesnt have fast charging, but the powercore II 10k has and can fast charge QC device.

Yes, this is one of our most important new release product in August! Keep an eye out for it, campaign will coming soon!


@AnkerOfficial Can you reveal the product specifications now please so I’m not having to think whether I want it or not as stock disappears.

If you don’t want to say in public the message me and I’ll not share it.

Size, weight, V A W in and out.

I have no QC, I only need 5V 2A-3A in and out, and physically smallest and lightest, for which the current Powercore 10000 is my go-to.

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