Is this a genuine anker seller?

Due to amazon not shipping to my location (Northern Ireland) I looked elsewhere to find an anker power bank as i’ve heard good things about them. Found this site “MY MEMORY” which seems to be surprisingly cheap with free shipping:

I wanted to purchase this product on the website but was curious if it is an actual genuine seller or if they carried counterfeits? Can any anker staff or previous customers confirm this to me so I don’t get scammed? thanks


I wouldn’t trust it, the savings aren’t worth the risk.

If in doubt, always check this list Here to find out if a seller is authorized reseller of Anker products


Does amazon uk really not ship to Northern Ireland? What a shame, I would have assumed they did.

Awesome, I didn’t know about it

I doubt anyone is making devices charging full price and then going to great lengths to apply an Anker logo to it.
Most of the deals are only 10% off when you buy 2 of them.
Give them a go.

Bad advice. Unless the company is listed on Ankers list of authorized retailers the warranty will not be honored even if the product is genuine.

If you made a knock off wouldn’t you try to get the full list price?

they do ship to Northern Ireland we have many depots here, however they don’t ship batteries here (or any products with large batteries in them) due to high explosion rate. If you open any portable charger on Amazon while in NI it comes up “This product does not ship to Northern Ireland” in red. The only stores we have here that sell decent power banks are Argos and PC world and they both are rip offs, you would pay about £75 to get 10000mah…

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Ah, thanks for the explanation.

I wonder if you could use a package forwarding service to send it on from England or Ireland? I have done this to send items from the USA to Canada (expensive) and to have packages held until I cross the border and pick them up (cheap if live nearby and you don’t get hit with duty). Unfortunately you would add a fair bit of cost for shipping and handling.

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Do you know the warranty and refund policy of this website?

Believe this was raised quite a while ago, as far as I am aware the items from MyMemory are genuine products (used them for RAM etc in the past) but as the are not on the ‘where to buy list’ you would be reduced to the 12 months warranty offered by the seller (MyMemory)…