Is there any way to get the Tivo app on the Mars Nebula II?

Hi. Just took delivery of my Mars Nebula II. So far, it’s all very exciting. I was hoping to play my tivo through this. On an iphone, this is easy – I just use the Tivo app. And there’s a similar app for Android, but I couldn’t find it in the app store.

Is there any way to download the Tivo App to your projector?

I tried screen mirroring from the Tivo app on my iPhone to the projector, but even on a pretty good network, there was too much stutter for it to work.

What we really need is some way to download the Tivo app.

Download the TiVo Apk from Here and use file manager to access the file and install it, you can download to USB or whichever your prefered method of connection is