Is there a way to open the Anker Gaming Mouse 8000 DPI?

There is so much dirt inside which results in the mouse double clicking sometimes. I cant get it out without opening it a bit, but i cant find a way to do so - I dont want to damage the mouse. I also couldnt find any video/topic about it. Please help

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Hi @1111032,
I’m not aware of a way myself, but please reach out to the technicians at and they may have some tips for you. Thanks!

Alright I will. Also if I get an answer, ill answer to this post so other people can see

Dear customer,

We are sorry for inconvenience caused to you by our mouse. As the inner structure is complicated, we don’t recommend you to open the mouse to clean it.

As it cannot work well, please send an e-mail with order# concluded to for further assistance.