Is there a way to know how close u are to the next lvl?

is there a way to know how close u are to the next level?

It isn’t published but as a community we collectively know this as we know what points we currently are.

I’d say in general it is exponentional it seems to take longer to get up each successive level.

I’ll answer on Level 10 = 18000 points.

Someone else can answer if they just passed a level what it was (roughly).


Level 2 here 182 points. I think it happened about 160 points?

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Maybe Anker can clarify this for us?

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I think that is unlikely; if you know what points you have to hit to get a level up there would probably be a deluge of random postings merely to boost levels…even the admins would not confirm the points to get to level 11 in this thread;

i can see why not but still, between the members we know it. If I keep notes I’d know it going forward, higher levels members know their level and exactly or roughly when they got. So the secret is out, collectively.