Is there a Suction Cup Mount that will fit the ROAV C1 Dascham?

I got a ROAV C1 Dashcam a couple weeks ago and I was reading some of the posts in this forum and I saw a comment about how someone had contacted support and was told by them that a suction cup mount for the C1 was going to be released soon. And this post was from last year, but it did not have a follow-up response. So, I was wondering if there is a suction cup mount that became available for the C1? Or if there is an aftermarket suction cup mount that will fit/can be modified to fit the C1?

And in case there’s not a suction cup mount for the C1, is there any other sort of dashboard mount that will work with it?

Basically, I don’t want to have to use the 3M stick tape and mount the C1 Dashcam to my windshield, since it doesn’t seem like it will be very simple/convenient to run the power cable to it and tuck it away or make it out of sight in my 2001 Honda CR-V. So, I am just trying to find some sort of alternate mounting option for the C1, if there is an alternative.

If anyone knows an answer to this question, or has any ideas or suggestions, I would really appreciate some help with this!

Not that I’m aware of but you could custom built one by permanently sticking one of the C1 mounting plates on your suction cup mount of choice with some JB Weld.

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