Is there a point in getting a higher wattage output for a smartphone

For charging an iPhone/Android is there a basic watt output for a wall charger to get or the higher you go the better it will charge. Or is the main difference for charging laptops?

Hi @mortcourt03, the answer depends on your specific device.

For iPhone, there is currently no benefit to more than 18W output.

For Android, it depends on the model. For example, some Samsung Galaxy phones are capable of 25W or even 45W fast charging. Other Android phones have developed their own proprietary fast charging.

You are right that laptops benefit the most from more powerful chargers.

Hope this helps!

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What specific phone are you wanting to charge?

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To build a bit off what Insider said earlier it does depend on what device you have. Check your specs to determine the wattage it can handle is the first step.

Once you have that you can then start looking for a charger but not all chargers are equal. If you have multiple devices that are hooked up to the charger but a max watt output of the charger that is below the max accepted from each device added together you will get the dreaded “Slow charging” connect to an authorized charger notification or close some apps lol.

Another thing to look at is the different methods for quickly charging your device and which of these methods it is capable of accepting.

it very the higher the watt the more power your phone get it like say the more water comes out a garden hose. however your device will limit how much watt can it take on avergae most phone cuts off on 30watt