Is there a device limit on Soundcore Motion B

Is the limit to how many devices can have paired to a Soundcore Motion B ?
I got a new Samsung phone and the Soundcore was not visible. Never had an issue before.
I finally reset the Soundcore (Bluetooth + Plus for a few seconds) and the Soundcore was visible to teh Samsung and paired.

or was something else going on?

I even looked for a software update but the utility never recognised the Soundcore being connected to my laptop.


Most of Soundcore’s speakers will try to pair to the last device it was paired to.
If you just got a new phone, the speaker was probably trying to pair to your old phone when you turned the speaker on. By default, the speaker is generally not discoverable (will not show up under your phone’s Bluetooth settings) unless you hold down the Bluetooth button until the LED blinks. This helps prevent your neighbors and others nearby from connecting to the speaker while you’re listening to it.

When your speaker is brand new (or after you reset it as you did) and it has no “last device,” it will be discoverable.

I hope this helps!

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I don’t think there is a limit. Maybe there was a long listed and you overlooked your device by mistake.
But glad you got it working

thank you. I did do hold-down thing. We end up sharing across 4 devices.
But by the sound of it there is limit issue - maybe user error after setting up the new phone.
great to get 2 replies so quickly