Is there a continuous Video Recording Option?

My question is - Does or can Eufy Cam2 record video continuously? I have some hidden cams that can record 10 minute blocks of time continuously for 15 days. Eufy is new to me so there may be an option that I just haven’t found yet. What I see are just little clips when motion is detected. It’s great for an alert, but what if motion is detected and then person walks out of sight of the camera or just stands still? Is there an option for me to find longer footage of what has transpired throughout the day regardless of a movement triggering an alert and the camera? Thanks!

Unfortunately you can only specify a maximum recording chunk of 60 seconds…it’s been requested before for a continuous record option (regardless of eating battery life) so perhaps they will try to implement in the future or perhaps offer a model with dedicated full time recording…

if you need full time recording you might look at getting some of those cheap $30 wifi cameras and an micro SD card and place them in a covered location near a power source. That’s what I do for areas I need to more than the max record times allow. I’ve got a couple outside that have been there for over a year and still going strong.

I don’t think you can