Is the Nebula Laser Projector Ever Coming?

Hey All,

Last year I was giddy when I was looking at some of the youtube videos posted during PC World, especially this one which features the Nebula Laser Projector… Hey @AnkerOfficial is this ever coming down the pipeline?

Looks cool as

Probably not. Too expensive for one and there are far better options out there at the moment.

I think they said it was delayed… haven’t heard anything for a little while.

won’t be surprised if it comes out a lot later considering they are trying to get into the home security market right now or soon

Ditto and if it can pull off those specs for that price, it’s a deal! for sure Anker style!

I’m not too sure about that… I think they have diverse projects going on :wink:

Cough cough… @AnkerOfficial?

Could you share? I’m interested in ultra short throw projectors that are not overly expensive. TIA!

Xiaomi Mi Laser, I own this and it is absolutely beautiful. And great for small spaces. Banggood has the best deal $1920 shipped.


Hi @000Dave

Thank you for keeping an eye on our projector.
We don’t have plan to release Nebula Laser at present, but we will launch a new 1080p Projector in the next few months.:grin:

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Well thanks for the reply and info… I am building a new house and I want to make sure to find the perfect entertainment solutions that don’t look overly tacky and are of a great quality… I was hoping to get my hands on something like that sleek laser projector - but I guess I will have to see what y’all have in the works :wink: cough… cough… I’d love to have an Anker Innovations Showcase of a home :heart_eyes:

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Is the 1080p Mars II or other?