Is The Anker PowerLine+ Lightning Cable 1.8m Good (Review)

Anker PowerLine+ Lightning Cable 1.8m (6ft) Durable and Fast Charging Cable [Aramid Fiber & Double Braided Nylon]

As someone who creates videos for youtube and vidme, i need to be on my phone as thats my main recording and editing device.

The extra long 6ft cable i can now edit on charge where ever i want, Rather then almost licking the walls with the apple cable that comes with the phone or waiting ages for it to charge then finish off what i was doing.

Over all i give this 10/10 and would buy another one in a heartbeat and recommend anyone to get this.

Thank You


Pictures are always appreciated and shows us which color you got and how you use it

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Thank you for your recommend! I use this cable too! I am very satisfied with the length and durability. :grin:

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I do have one next to my couch.
Over are the times when I had to stay on the edge of my couch to charge my iPhone. This cable is really great. And it’s really resistant too :

You can read my Amamzon review of it, including picture, here :