Is the Anker HomeVac Duo still being developed

I am looking to get a cordless vacuum and wondering if Anker or Eufy are continuing development on the HomeVac Duo? It doesn’t seem to be sold by Anker on Amazon anymore.

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Are you looking for a specific mode of vacuum?

Anker has tons of robot vacuums branded under eufy… including a vacuum/mopping model.

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The Eufy Duo is the vacuum that @moracho is talking about. Sadly I’m not sure it’s being made anymore as they have a newer model out

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Oh, I thought maybe they meant a mapping/vacuuming robot… sorry

I saw a newer model also in the same category as not being sold on Amazon. I wonder if they will release a new version of the duo and not just another puck style.

Thanks for the reply, what is the newer model being made? Is it a stick model? I don’t see it listed anywhere. Maybe I’m just not looking in the right places.

Do they have a stick style? I might be interested in that as well.

This is what’s available


Wouldn’t it be much better to go for a Robovac and do cleaning that way! :rofl:

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