Is the Anker A1232 Battery CE Compliant?

We are looking for a battery product to support a product we are developing internally. One of the criteria is that the battery has to be CE Compliant, it has a CE Marking and is in alignment with the necessary standards and has the required documentation to prove this. On research I cannot see any such marking for the A1232.

Has anyone else tried to find certification for this product or does the Anker range not comply with this standard?

Thanks ain advance for any help.

You might ask the support.
They will give you a satisfying answer.
But, remember: weekend. :grin:
But may be one of our “gurus” here can give you an answer promptly.

I have 5 Anker power banks ranging from the smallest to the largest and I can confirm that they all have the CE logo on them.

As for the certification that’s something you might have to email support about. It’s

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Thank you for your responses, nice to know they have a supportive community, so the products must be pretty good as well.

Yes Anker products are really good. As @Macgyver15 mentioned all of Anker battery packs are CE certified, their certification can be found or had by reaching out to and let them know what it is you need and they will help the best they can. Alternatively you can call them based on where you live, a quick Google search should bring up their number


Thanks for the picture and extra information, really appreciated.


We’re always happy to welcome and help a new member out. :slight_smile:


The community is quite a wide spread and very active one.
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