Is Smaller, Better? Tell Us Your Thoughts!

Hi, Anker fans!

It’s come to our attention that some of you would like us to start producing smaller charging accessories.

One of our newest and most popular wall chargers is PowerPort II, a compact USB charger in the ultra-portable size class.

However, there’s no reason to stop there! There are some special techniques we can use to make wall chargers even smaller. Unfortunately, these cutting-edge processes will increase production costs. So we’d like to discuss here: would you be willing to pay a little extra for a wall charger that’s drastically reduced in size (but which retains the same functionality)?

  • A. 1.57 x 1.81 x 1.14 in, for $15.99 (Mock product)
  • B. 2.09 x 2.13 x 1.10 in, for $12.99 (PowerPort II)
  • C. 2.40 x 2.32 x 1.14 in, for $10.99 (PowerPort 2 Elite)
  • D. 2.75 x 2.36 x 1.26 in, for $7.99 (Mock product)
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Let us know your ideal charger (by price and size) in today’s poll, and feel free to ask questions or give feedback below. You might see your suggestions in a future Anker product!

Technically Yours,


Tough decision, if it was something that I was gonna permanently keep in the house then it would be D, purely on a cost basis. But if I was prodominently be using it while travelling etc then I wouldn’t mind paying extra for the smaller for factor A.

Saying that though it then makes me question is it even worth Anker investing more funds towards changing the existing product line instead of innovation in other areas.


I will have to ponder more before making my decision lol


The size doesn’t matter to me really so I would go for the cheaper option and like @k_pug2003 said, depends if needed for a specific thing like travel.

I would like to see some innovation in making these smart so you could turn them off from the app or Home Kit (Siri)

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Interesting topic, especially with the likes of other companies always on things smaller or thinner but usually with a premium price tag in tow. Can see a few critique responses coming in here…

Personally I purchase based on cost vs function I will get, rather than size of the item in question. Most items these days are not overly large compared to their predecessors so I find the size thing kinda negligible (depending on product type) going forward. Price, function and innovation are a different matter though…

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Are they exactly the same spec apart from size?

If so, as others have said… Home office bedside D

In my bag traveling, then B I don’t see the need for the extra price for not THAT much smaller. Plus, generally speaking, a.lil bigger is a bit tougher.


I think B is a good balance of size and price. When traveling, it definitely is nice to have the smaller size (although, I typically need to charge more than 2 devices at night :smile: ).

These are all nice and small and I prefer A.

If you guys could come up with a good solution to fold the UK plug it would be great!

here is an example:


I don’t mind the slightly bigger size of option B. As many already pointed out, it depends on your specific needs. I actually have a PowerPort 4 I use only when I travel. It’s not that much bigger than the PowerPort 2, but it has four ports - which sometimes are not enough for all the devices I charge during travel…

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Smaller is great

Eu plug is available?

B) Powerport II is small enough already especially with the folding plug and think that heat buildup might become an issue if you went any smaller. I would rather see you focus on implementing power IQ 2.0 into all future power bank and wall outlet chargers. $13 is the sweet spot for a 2 Port wall charger $16 would make me hesitate.

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A), really for the use that I give, I prefer them small

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I voted for B because I think it is best you get for $13. C would be a little bit too big for me so I think it is better. Otherwise, I would agree with the other statements that it depends on what you are going to use it for. I think everyone in this community has a portable charger


If the smaller ones are REALLY!!! as good and durable as the bigger ones I would go for B.
When travelling I use my old Anker 5 port.
( Carrying a speaker, a phone and 2 Tablets)
But one with 2 outlets would fit as well.

But if there is any loss of quality, ANKER should not go for such experiments.
If a good reputation is lost, it is hard to rehabilitate! :sweat:


A, A, all the way!

I would love to see a super compact PowerPort from Anker! A is definitely the one I would buy. It looks so cute! Would it even have foldable prongs, too?!?! The price increase is marginal enough that it would be so worth it. Although hopefully we don’t see too many more PowerPorts without USB-C ports.

My question is… can these cutting-edge processes be applied to power banks, as well? So the capacity to size ratio is larger? That would be awesome, too!


If you can make it smaller without sacrificing performance and increasing cost to customers, then please do so. Less waste, more portable, etc.


I love the size profile of A. would pay a little more for something less bulky most days.


The smaller the product the more likely it will get lost. Although pocket portability is on the other side.


I want A , but with usb C! Plus USB C to lightning cables, would be perfect!

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