Claims: “Welcome to Anker Official Online Store”.

Can I trust ordering from it?

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It seems like the page damaged.:unamused:

The link worked fine for me but the site seems proper sketchy and I wouldn’t fancy ordering from there.

I’d only ever order Anker stuff from Amazon or directly from the company itself.

Wow! This site looks legit… is it? Prices are right up my alley for tech!

I would suggest order Anker stuffs from Amazon or Anker official website.


Not worth the risk of getting burned :fearful::weary:


I don’t think I’d trust that site.

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This page worked for me but something tells me this is shady, I would go with Anker website or Amazon


This seems to be a good reason for a cease and desist being sent out…


Might be a nock off central :frowning: Hard to beat Amazon :wink:

I wouldn’t trust it.

Reach out through the “Contact Us” saying you’d like to process a warranty claim… see how the operatives handle it. If they say you have to contact the manufacturer: BURNED since it would admit they aren’t what they say (provided logic dictates that an ‘official’ store is c/o the mfg itself). :smiling_imp:

Actually no, this site is legit. Without me doing anything other than signing in via google, which is how I sign on here, it knows that I “unlocked” the NC Life aka won the “we love testing” thing and it’s in the same format as the confirmation emails that Anker sends me. So it seems like it’s linked to your current Anker forum profile. Hmmm I wonder if they are going to move the Giveaway, promo etc. info over there.

So AnkerTechnical is saying to order tech from Amazon and not this site… Hmmmm, I trust this to be true so no dice for me.


So I should trust them?

Naw, I wouldn’t as AnkerTechnical didn’t recommend it. Plus the website says it ships from Tsing Yi Warehouse, Hong Kong. May take a bit to get it!

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i think I’ll just stick with and Amazon

Don’t do it even if it sells you the actual product I probably won’t hav warranty because of the party that is sellin it to you

I 100% wouldn’t buy anything from the site. Why do that when going through Anker or Amazon, Anker more so though, will get me cash back with Ebates.