Is PowerPort PD 2 powerful enough to charge iPhone MagSafe at full 15W?

I have a PD 2 and am wondering if the 18W PD port will charge Apple MagSafe iPhone at full 15W? Or would I have to move up to Atom III?



Is it powerful enough? Probably. But the MagSafe will (Apple doing its typical Apple thing) charge at 15W if and only if it is paired with Apple’s new 20W USB-C Power Adapter. When you use Apple’s 18W charger, the MagSafe will do 13W. With other 3rd party chargers, MagSafe will only do 7.5W to 10W.



Ahhh. So the 18W to 20W makes more sense now, it probably doesn’t help with wired charging that much but it helps overcome wireless inefficiencies.

That’s still a lot of heat, 20W comes out of the wire, 5W lost in the Qi transmitter, then of the 15W transmitted, a lesser amount received in the phone, and the Magsafe is in effect trapping most of that heat in the air between the phone.

Wondering how warm all this gets and cooking of the battery and phone longevity.

I still prefer the idea of a stand, gravity keeps phone where it should be and yet still airflow.