Is PowerIQ3 also Power Delivery capable?

Is the Power IQ3 standard also Power Delivery Capable??


Yes it is

USB Power Delivery (USB PD) is an open fast charging standard. Developed and maintained by the same group that supports USB-C.

Anker’s PowerIQ 3.0 is a proprietary fast charging standard that combines USB PD and PowerIQ 2.0 into a single USB-C port.


Great! Thanks for the info!

Solid q, and quick response @ikari04warrior
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I appreciate it bud :+1:

I’m looking into potentially buying a new charger and I have a question about this. Given what you have described here, if I would get a charger with a PowerIQ 3 USB-C port and use that with a USB-C (male) to USB-A (female) adapter, would that USB-A port basically function as a PowerIQ 2.0 port? In other words, would it be able to potentially fast charge my devices?

I think you would need a USB C to USB C cable to even use it


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