Is ‘Planet Nine’ Actually A Black Hole In The Solar System? There’s Only One

Check out the video (thank you @professor)

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My concern is do they promote USBC there? :grimacing:

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Did you see an Ad on USB-C on that page :wink:? I saw an ad for PoweConf

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That site is one of those to not be used for its click-bait.

I know Astrophysics, and Planet X evidence, and black holes.

Ask me anything.

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(hint, lack of Gamma Rays means probably not a black hole)


I didnt get any ads, for a change!

Forbes is the most glorified tabloid. Absolutely useless

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What other reliable sites do you recommend?


Planet X or Astronomy?

There’s very little evidence for the hypothesised planet other than gravitational evidence on orbits of the outer planets, it is circumstantial.

If you know your Newtonian calculus, then an inverse-square law (field conservation in 3-D space) the gravity effect is the same (at a distance, beyond tidal effects) of a point object of the same mass. So you can look at orbits of the solar system and infer a range of masses for the hypothesised planet, then wonder “what if a black hole” and begin calculations on that.

The issue with a black hole so nearby is those tidal effects, while at a distance gravity is the same of a black hole vs something else of same mass, up close it isn’t. You get the gravity on whatever object is nearest to it being significantly more than the distant side, and it rips the object apart “spaghettification” so all matter which gets too close is destroyed, becomes energy. That would become a local nearby gamma ray source which would be moving quickly relative to the nearby stars. Trouble is: we don’t see that. All Gamma Ray sources are further away.

If you want an ad-lite version, I recommend this:

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Thank you @professor for sharing this youtube video… Will include it on the main post!

Now i get your hint about the gamma rays

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Someone sat gamma rays?
Don’t make me angry, you won’t like me when I’m angry!

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Gamma ray sources may be the last place for life to survive in the universe.

The Weak Nuclear Force which converts a Proton to a Neutron is going to be a lucky coincidence in the future.