Is it possible to change the 10-second recording timer on the C2 that starts after turning vehicle off?

Hello, y’all. I just got myself a ROAV C2 dashcam (used from eBay) a few days ago and I noticed that the camera only stays on and recording for 10 additional seconds after turning the ignition off in my vehicle. I also have a C1 dashcam (that I bought new and have been using for almost a year now) and it stays recording for either 30 or 60 second (I don’t recall which) after turning off the vehicle, and I liked that longer recording timer better.

So, I was wondering, is there a way to change it so that the C2 stays recording for more than 10 seconds after turning off the ignition/cutting the power to it? And if so, how could I change this setting to 30-60 seconds?

Also, does anyone have any suggestions about which recording settings are best to use on the C2? I noticed that there is some sort of “Night Enhancement View” option, which is obviously helpful at night, but is it necessary to change that setting to one of the other options when driving during the daytime? And is it best to just use the highest resolution settings? Or is the visual difference on the recorded video not that noticeable?

And one more thing. Is there a way to buy a replacement MicroUSB cable for these ROAV dashcams? I found some ‘11-ft. Right Angle MicroUSB Cables’ on Amazon that look like they will work, for around $8, but there were some comments complaining and saying that the part of the cord that plugs in to the dashcam was actually a left angle connector and would not fit properly, because of the dashcam’s mounting parts. So, if there is a way to buy an official Anker ROAV replacement power cable (as long as it would not be significantly more expensive), some information or a link would be great to have. The reason I am asking about this is because the C2 dash cam that I bought used from eBay did not come with a power cable.

If anyone has any helpful information or advice/suggestions for me about the C2 dashcam, I would really appreciate some replies!

Seeing as I haven’t gotten a reply yet, should I assume that the answer to the 10-second shut-off timer question is, No?

I saw the thread when it was posted but I don’t have any experience with Roav dashcams so didn’t bother writing something that wouldn’t help you. I thought someone more knowledgeable would’ve answered by now

I have a C2. I will check the settings tonight after work. I bet some else in the community will answer before I can. Maybe @AnkerOfficial might be able to find us the answer for us.


Hey, thanks for the reply. I’m curious, did you get a chance to check out your C2 dashcam and see if there’s a way to change/extend the 10-second countdown timer that starts after shutting the vehicle off? I don’t think there’s actually a way to change this timer, but I wanted to at least ask.

I just saw that you apparently tagged @AnkerOfficial in your post and I hadn’t seen that before, so I thought I’d try to tag them myself and see if they might reply with an answer to this question about possibly being able to alter the 10-second countdown timer on the ROAV C2 Dashcam?

I forgot to check my camera and then get back to you. When I get in today I will check. I’m starting to think that it cant be changee.

Sorry about not getting back to you sooner.

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I look through the device menu. Cant find an option

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Thank you very much for checking the settings on your camera and replying. I appreciate it. Unfortunately, it looks like I was right, about there not being a way to change that setting; which sucks, because it would be nice to extend the length of time that the camera records after shutting your car off. I’m not sure why they would make the default timer on the C2 only 10 seconds (particularly, when the C1’s default setting is 30 seconds), but that’s better than nothing.

If anyone finds out about an update, or a way to change the 10-second shutdown timer setting on the ROAV C2, please do post a reply! It would be great to be able to change that setting.