Is it possible to balance between left and right?


my left ear is more sensible then the right one so i would like to set the right side louder.

Is there any way to balance the sound? Maybe with an additional app?


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What item are you asking about?

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Was asking for the Liberty Air 2.

I already found a solution: Samsung Sound Assistant App allows to balance between left and right ear.

But it would be nice to set balance inside the Soundcore App so i can balance on my other devices too.

If you open sound presences on a laptop or computer you can balance the earbuds there.

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Sorry forgot to mention I was talking about Android Smartphones.

Sorry I can’t help you but you can reach out to @AnkerSupport for more assistance. If you click on their profile you can directly message them.

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The following should help @420 though an option in the app could be a good improvement in a future update

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Exactly what i was looking for. Even that simple and without the need for an App! I never looked into the Accessibility settings at all.

Would still be nice to balance inside the App. Maybe the app could even go a step further and EQ each ear individual. :sweat_smile:

Thanks a lot!

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