Is it alright if using phone while charging?

When talking about battery life, there are always many little rules for what you can and can’t do with your smartphone. And actually there are some true and really exist.

Before we explore the charging “myth”, let’s have a look at the pic below.

Anyway, it will make you laugh at first; But then? Will you feel that the words “using phone while charging” and the scene are so familiar that it seems to be true for your daily charging life?

Yes. Most of us, I believe, are onto this case.

And at the same time, most of you are hearing that using phone while charging will not hurt the battery at all. True or False?

Common sense that when using phone while charging, that means you’re using power. And with no doubt that will simply slow down the charge.

More specifically, if you’re talking on the phone while charging, it will either slow down the charge or draw down the battery more slowly until you finally hang up. And then it resumes charging.

If you’re texting, that won’t use much power. However, watching videos or playing intensive games will use up the battery. It’s something like trying to fill up the car while driving it.

Will it only slow the charge while using and charging the phone at the same time? Nope, it additionally risks an explosion. In other words, using phone while charing may cause the phone to overheat, as the electronics inside the phone might overheat if the battery is also heating up. The simple solution is to turn off the phone and let it charge.

Low energy consumption like reading messages won’t overheat it. But what functions will exactly use the most phone battery?

Wi-Fi downloads, video chat and GPS are on the top.

Anyway, for faster charging, for safer charging, just leaving it alone while charging. That will help you lot, I’m sure.

Resource from:Quora


Leaving your phone charge can also help your love life haha

I’m glad the follow up line was included, can you imagine some of the responses :blush:

As for charging while using, unless it’s day and connected to a PowerCore for GPS etc the phone gets plugged in and left to charge. Other mains powered devices are on hand for the web and any other element which society today can’t be pried away from…

As for use of the phone in bed, nope, beds are made for many things, checking your Twitter feed or texting into oblivion are not on my list (not to mention the bright screen can cause havoc with your body chemistry preventing a good nights sleep)

I’m going to try a lot harder to leave my phone alone while charging.
I am saying this while charging my phone and snooping around the community :yum:

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With games like Pokemon Go, you have no choice but to charge while playing! :joy:

i always thought the worst thing that can happen from using the phone while charging was that it would just ruin the battery life over time, but I did not know it can cause an explosion, damn

I am guilty of using my phone while charging. I work overnights and also just started working another job so when I get off from overnight I head into my next job. Usually my phone dies in-between so when I get home I am anxious to see what is going on in the world so I read the news while my phone charges or I play games and or watch a movie while I fall asleep

There have been times when I woke up and about throw my phone in the freezer because it gets so hot from draining and charging the battery at the same time. I admit I shouldn’t do it but force of habit is hard to break

I thought the same

Hahaha, it can protect your life!

I always lie in bed to watch videos on my phone while charging…

:joy::joy::joy: Pokemon addicts

Yeah, it’s very hard to get rid of a bad habit…:joy:

I am guilty of this.

I put my phone to charge when driving/using the gps. But I also have a vent blowing air on it lol

Just don’t use phone, charging… and having a shower :).
I hope one day I can just top up on the way like train, and school, and no need to carry any extra batteries. I still remembered the old days, when I normally brought a backup battery with me for daily use (no pokemon, just nokia snake)

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