Is Experience level VIP possible in our lifetime?

So assume a maximally participant member:

  • starts 5 threads per day, so 25 experience points per day
  • replies 5 times per day, so 10 pts/day
  • replied to - 10 pts/day
  • like - 5 pts/day
  • liked - 5 pts/day

Total of 25+10+10+5+5 = 55 pts/day

So to get to VIP of 240000 points days = 4364 days = 12 years.

This 12 years will come down a little if you make some threads which become sticky, so it might be say 11 years.

@AnkerOfficial please clarify if I made an error or you made an error. It seems you added a 0 to the experience or I goofed on my math.

Parallel scheme:


Wait! You’re not at VIP level yet? GASP All kidding aside, I’m still at Level 8. But I am curious if anyone is even at the VIP level or what the highest level is right now.

Bucks isn’t the problem I have more than enough to use on the Power Draw for months.

I am level 12 and I expect to get to level 13 in a month or so. @joshuad11 probably gets there earlier.

It taken me months to get 30000 points, 240000 pts is 8 times the quantity of points.

Guess we gotta buckle up!

what are the perks of being VIP?

Forum activity is rewarded both with PowerBucks and Experience Points.

PowerBucks are used to purchase PowerDraw entries. Experience Points are used to raise your user level.

As your level increases, so does your cache of PowerBucks.

At the senior member level, we’ll send you early insider information on upcoming contests and deals.

Users who reach the Executive and VIP levels will gain access to even more benefits like:

  • Special discounts
  • Exclusive gifts
  • Birthday celebrations
  • Priority access to beta tests
  • The chance to become a moderator

Probably would have been under the previous points system, which allowed 200 points per day in starting threads (and some came close to meeting that often) plus the endless likes and the such. I think the highest level active level at the moment is level 12, which @nigelhealy and @joshuad11 are currently at, seeming there hasn’t been a level 13 thread made yet :grin:

@ndalby how was my math. By current level points scheme is it 12 years. What calc do you get?

Maybe they want us all to be in it for the long haul :smile: When I first saw the new levels I put it down to them announcing what the levels were (probably same as before which were not announced) but which are now harder to reach with the points drop

So i am right and Anker knowingly deliberately error-free set a level which takes 12 year to get to, or I am right and Anker made a mistake, or I am wrong.

Maths seems about right. Mine came to 11 years 50 wks. Though in my defence I’m just back from the pub :laughing:


If you include leap days it is 11 years 49 weeks 2 days.

Obviously i have points in the older more generous level so i’m 1/8th the way there in less than a year. Noobs will take longer.

In a spreadsheet if i subtract my current points from the VIP points level and divide by the maximum points per day, I will get to VIP level on December 26 2027, earlier if any posts are sticky.

I just calculated mine out and no problem, At my current pace I should be VIP when I am 85 as I am 5.79 % there already. Holy crap batman, I best start typing now as the maximums they have now were not in play since I joined. They are capped at 20,000/year. So I have a retirement plan, Hit the maximums in everything every day for 12 years which then I will be at 65, retirement age. And will be a VIP and have a celebration for my birthday!@!@! :crown: and maybe even get a free hovercraft or transportation device if they keep on pace.


As @ndalby mentioned it would likely me under the initial points system… Not even sure what these experience pts are.

But to answer your question, yes, it seems like most of us have a chance at reaching level VIP in our lives.

My terrible math…:joy:


So @nigelhealy is right! It is 12 years. I think I give up. That’s insane! I assume you’re going to change it?

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Can you guys give some rational suggestions?

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You were right all the way up to the very end!
210000/55=3818 instead of 381.

3818/365=about 10 years

I would suggest just changing the points system back to how it was at the beginning but keep the bucks with levels the same.

That way it would be more realistic.


WOW … just WOW