Is bigger always better?

Hey guys! I was just thinking about the new powerhouse smaller lighter Etc. But here’s the thing. Is it less powerful? Like is it worth lifting a little more for a bit more power?. Pls reply!. -chernalevilego


Okay, so the new powerhouse is around 60,000mAh, and the original powerhouse is 120,000mAh… if you do the math it’s twice as much.

I’ve been told by other community members (@Tank) that the original powerhouse is greatly discounted sometimes (into the $300’s range).

I think if you are willing to wait for a nice sale, the original powerhouse would be a good option. I beleive it’s 9lbs (if I remember correctly), so I don’t think it would be too big too Carry Around.


As @Anjou1888 mentioned I would wait for the sale. If I were to spend the money I would put it towards the bigger one. This one will last longer when off grid. For me this would be a campsite generator. Used to power a few things like lighting or keep a camp fridge cold.

In a year or so my friends and I are doing an overland jeep explore From East Texas to the Colorado Rockies then take the old logging/mining roads to Moab, Utah then back home. Visiting abandoned mining sites, ghost towns and visiting all the Offroad/Rock Crawling Parks. This trip will be mostly off grid camping. So we will need a couple of these. This will be a 2 or 3 week trip.

When not in use it will serve as a battery backup when the power goes out.


My wife thinks so! :crazy_face:


Depends on your needs, if you don’t need that much I’d go for the cheaper option

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Here is the verges review of the NEW powerhouse…

Another review for the older n bigger powerhouse…

Read both, and if you have the money and the NEED, then decide and wait for a sale.

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The new powerhouse price will probably go down in the next few months as well… it usually does on new product…

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true that.

the thing is is, that I don’t really need that much power so to speak, just kinda to charge my laptop. but the thing is how many times I need to charge my laptop.

If we are talking value for money, the original powerhouse is the best. If we are talking the least expensive you can get, it’s the newer one.

The newer one doesn’t provide as high value for money, and it’s not really any more portable…